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Problems We Help Businesses in Ankeny, IA Solve

IT services and solutions customized to your company’s needs

Your company’s needs are specific to your organization, so our IT experts craft tailored solutions for every business we partner with in Ankeny, AL on IT asset disposition, data center decommissioning, equipment buyback, electronic recycling and IT equipment sales.

If you’re relocating, scaling down, upgrading or shutting down operations, we have the expertise and solutions to help with your IT equipment needs, providing insured, certified services led by ITAD experts.

Our clients in Ankeny, IA rely on us for quick, accurate price estimates and the most competitive buyback quotes in the area for:

GreenTek Solutions has over 30 years of combined IT expertise and offers:

  • IT Asset Recovery
  • Computer Liquidations
  • Business Bankruptcy
  • Business Relocation
  • Business Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Closure
  • Workforce Reduction
  • Obsolete Equipment
  • E-Waste Recycling
  • New & Refurbished Equipment
  • Data Center Liquidation
  • Equipment Buybacks
  • Data Destruction
  • Data Wiping

If you’re expanding or upgrading IT assets, GreenTek Solutions brings competitive pricing on new and refurbished IT equipment. When it’s time to purchase IT assets or infrastructure, GreenTek Solutions offers the best prices on all the top names and brands in Ankeny, IA.

We do things right and that means GreenTek Solutions is an insured business, protecting clients with everything from data breach and pollution insurance to general liability. We provide extensive process documentation, so you know your data, equipment and facilities are safe and carefully managed based on international certifications and best practices.

If you need to upgrade, sell or dispose of your IT assets in Ankeny, AL, chat with our team and get a free, competitive quote. Contact GreenTek Solutions LLC at 713-590-9720 or get in touch with us here

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